LARCO PROJECT: Encouraging Healthy Eating and Physical Activity to Reduce Childhood Obesity


Project Aims

The Locality Approach for Reducing Childhood Obesity (LARCO) Project aims to help reduce childhood obesity in Trafford in the three areas of Trafford including the Sale Moor area. It is a partnership between CYPS, Public Health and Trafford Community Leisure Trust and will run for a total of 12 months across the three areas identified. These areas are being targeted because they have the highest childhood obesity rates in the borough.

A major part of LARCO is making a budget available in each of the neighbourhoods identified to involve the local community in providing positive ways to tackle obesity in local primary school children. These local projects should focus on encouraging physical activity and/or healthy eating.

The application process will be open to groups to apply for funding for projects that will benefit and engage with children and their families in the Sale Moor area.

Who Can Apply

Community groups, voluntary and statutory and private providers can all apply for funding and there will be a maximum award of £1,000 per project. One of the key criteria is that the local community and local families have been involved in all aspects of the bid and the project, including planning. Also key is that members of the local community who have needs around healthy eating or physical activity are able to access the project and that the needs of children and families from different equality groups are considered, including black and minority ethnic children and families, and disabled children and their families.

All applications for the Sale Moor Area must be received by 5pm on 23rd May 2014. Applications received after this will not be accepted

For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact Celia Hooson: or phone on mob: 07852669955

Please see attached document for more information and an application form.