News: Charities Among 200+ Bodies Losing Arts Council Funding

Arts Council England has axed 206 bodies from its portfolio of regularly funded organisations, most of which are charities.

The Arts Council made the cuts after the government reduced its ‘grant in aid’ budget for 2011 to 2015 by 30 per cent. The council uses the money to support the organisations it regularly funds.

The amount given out to organisations under the regularly funded portfolio in 2010/11 was £350.3m, but this will be reduced to £327.5m a year by 2014/15 – a cut of 6.5 per cent. The Arts Council said this was a reduction of about 15 per cent in real terms.

All of the 849 currently funded organisations will receive funding for 2011/12, but 206 will no longer be regularly funded from 2012 onwards.

The new portfolio of funded organisations – which will come into operation in 2012 – consists of 695 bodies, 110 of which are organisations that were not previously regularly funded.

An Arts Council statement said it had aimed to protect "risk-taking and innovative organisations" such as the Manchester International Festival, as well as flagship organisations such as the National Theatre.

The statement said the council had also tried to preserve "the backbone of regional theatre, iconic new modern and contemporary art galleries in the regions, symphony orchestras, poetry and new writers".

Between 80 and 85 per cent of the organisations regularly funded by the Arts Council are charities.

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