Manchester Airport Community Trust Fund

 The Manchester Airport Community Trust Fund was established to promote, enhance, improve and protect both the natural and built environment in the local community.

The Community Trust Fund award grants to a maximum of £3,000.00. To be successful a group must:

  • Carry out positive work in the community and be of charitable nature and be 'Not for Profit' status.
  • Be Community, Socially or Environmentally focused
  • Based within the area of benefit

The Project should:

  • improve, enhance, protect and conserve the natural and built environment; or offer heritage conservation
  • promote or advance social welfare
  • provide better appreciation of the natural and urban environment;
  • create a safe habitat for flora and fauna
  • demonstrate lasting benefit to the community
  • benefit all members of the community regardless of race, gender or religion

The Trustees award grants of a maximum of £3,000.
Trustees meet quarterly, applications need to be submitted a month before the Trustee meetings
Groups are not eligible for funding for three years after a succesful applications for further details