News: Safer Homes Initiative

Greater Manchester Police have currently got some funding to work in partnership with Timpsons the locksmith to fit new locks to residents windows and doors free of charge.

This scheme applies to everybody that lives within Sale and especially to vulnerable, or elderly residents, and people that have been victims of crime.

The aim is to make Sale and its residents as safe as possible.

Locks can be fitted to wood, plastic, and metal doors, frames and windows. Door chains and spy holes are also able to be fitted.

All that They need to do is visit you at home and assess what types of doors and windows you have and what locks would be best, they then email this information to Timpsons workshop and they phone you to make arrangements to come and do the work.

This is a great scheme and it's not often nowadays that you get something for nothing!

If you are interested in benefiting from this scheme please get in contact with the team at Sale by calling 0161 856 7865.

Alternitavley you can email your local PCSO or Police Officer for your area to get more information. Also if you see them in the streetplease dont hesitate to approach them, they are more than happy to talk.