News: Charity Commission new strategic priorities

The Charity Commission's consultation and review of its strategic priorities in the face of cuts will result in significant changes to its services. Its strategic priorities, with some of the changes that will be involved, include:

  • registering charities, which will now include the Commission "moving quickly and clearly to reject applications which do not meet the requirements rather than spending time working with them to refine their application";
  • providing guidance to trustees to enable them to manage their charity effectively, which will include "developing our partnerships with umbrella bodies so that over time they can take on responsibility for one to one advice", which presumably means the demise of the Commission's helpline, or a significant reduction in its capacity;
  • ensuring charities are accountable to the public by requiring and publishing information;
  • giving permissions as required in law, which will include "requiring charities to make 'right first time' applications which are then accepted or rejected";
  • taking action to deal with serious mismanagement or abuse of charity, which will include "maintaining the capacity to investigate individual charities where there is mismanagement or abuse — but focus on individual interventions only where there is a serious and systemic risk and where our involvement can have most impact".

The Charity Commission's Press Release can be read by clicking here

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