News: Latest Legal Update from Sandy Adirondack

The latest legal update from Sandy covers many aspects, including:

  • revised governance code for voluntary and community organisations
  • ICSA guidance on matters that must be dealt with by the board, rather than by individual board members (even officers) or staff
  • governance codes for commercial businesses
  • new Charity Commission website of resources for small charities
  • seven linked briefings for charities working internationally
  • Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator guidance on control and independence of charities, especially those with too-close links to government
  • updated CC25 Managing charity assets and resources: An overview for charities
  • the Commission’s compliance toolkit on protecting charities from harm: part 2 on due diligence, monitoring, and verfying end use of funds, and part 3, on fraud and financial crime
  • 15 questions trustees needed to ask themselves two years ago during the economic downturn, and still need to ask themselves in the current political/economic environment.

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