News: Guidance & Model Constitutions for Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIOs)

Charity Commission guidance and model constitutions for charitable incorporated organisations (CIOs) were published on 28 March. But still no final draft regulations and no implementation date – these will come from the Office for Civil Society rather than the Commission.

After much delay, the Charity Commission has issued guidance and model constitutions for the long-awaited charitable incorporated organisation (CIO, Welsh SEC) structure. But don't all rush at once:

  • the Office for Civil Society is still finalising the regulations necessary to bring the structure into being, and the regulations will then need to be approved by Parliament;
  • changes to the regulations may mean the model constitutions have to be tweaked;
  • no implementation date has yet been set;
  • even when a date is set, implementation will be phased, with registration of new charities first, then current unincorporated charities, and conversions from existing charitable companies towards the end of the implementation period;
  • and even when your organisation is able to register, the CIO may not be the best structure for it — see this useful Weighing up the options guidance from Sandy Adirondack

Charity Commission Guidance can be found by clicking here

Model constitutions for CIO's can be found by clicking here

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