News: Do You Want To Help Young People Volunteer?

  • Have you got a project that needs doing that you can't do?
  • Do you have a job that you would do if you had the manpower?
  • Do you want to help young people volunteer?

iHeartManchester is a new initiative run by Lifechurch Manchester to help young people volunteer and get involved in their local community by completing projects and engaging with different organisations.

They are looking for organisations to partner with them and be willing to have groups of young people come and complete projects. For example if you have a practical project like a garden space that needs clearing, a room that needs painting or a store cupboard and garage that needs organising.

They have youth workers who are fully CRB checked and they also have some members of the church who have skills that will complement any youth project if necessary.

This is a free service they are looking to provide so get in touch and they would love to work something out. You can contact Tom Butler by emailing or calling 0161 850 0770

If you would like more information and to maybe see a video of their previous project clearing gardens in Stretford please head to