MoU Signing - Thank you

Thank you to those who attended the formal signing of the MoU with the H&SC Partnership last Friday, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

The fact that Andy Burnham came and showed his commitment by signing the document gave the ceremony even more impact. And Jon Rouse left us in no doubt that he means to see it implemented.

The MoU represents a new opportunity for us to work alongside public bodies in order to improve the lives of those in Greater Manchester, we should all be very proud.

We now want to share this development with our colleagues across the UK, and encourage other Greater Manchester organisations to sign.

If possible, please reply to this with a quote or comment about how you think the MoU will help, and tell us about your ambitions for your organisation.

We'd like to use any quotes and stories in our publicity. It will help us reflect the numbers and diversity of our sector. Do also keep sharing updates on your websites, newsletters, and on social media.

Viki Lee, Marketing Officer & Communications Co-ordinator

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