Funding: ASDA Foundation

The ASDA Foundation is ASDA's charitable trust which was set up in 1988 to support local good causes chosen by their colleagues, and is funded by profits from the mid-week national lottery. They will fund a wide range of good causes with which their colleagues are involved — including everything from local charities and playgroups to football teams.

They will assist any charity in the UK, as well as people and projects that require financial assistance, providing they have the support of local ASDA colleagues. So your organisation needs to know someone who works in a local ASDA store. They cannot consider applications where the donation will be used to pay salaries or where it will be added to general funds.

They will look at each application based on criteria and merit – this is why you should provide as much information as possible on the application on how this will benefit the local community. Enquire in your local store.

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