Event: Connecting Communities Workshop

Introducing ‘From Isolation to Transformation’ Transformative Community Development (TCD)

Venue Sale West Development Centre, 120 Manor Avenue, Sale M33 5JX
9.30am - 3.30pm on Friday 3rd June 2011

The Health Empowerment Leverage Project (HELP) is a national programme, which has at its core a distinctive model of community empowerment called Connecting Communities (known as ‘C2’)

‘C2’ is an asset-based model, researched and designed by a frontline Health Practitioner and researchers from Exeter University over 10 years ago. The distinctive central feature is building, through a sequence of specific steps, creative neighbourhood partnerships between residents and local providers from across the spectrum of public services, in which residents lead but which are equally developmental for the professionals. The track record consistently shows that C2 breaks through longstanding barriers to achieve profound and lasting change within hard- pressed communities. HELP have branded this Transformative Community Development (TCD).

This interactive workshop, facilitated by Hazel Stuteley O.B.E. R.G.N, C2 founder, takes participants through the 7 step journey ‘from isolation to transformation’ and is suitable for anyone who wishes to work more effectively with communities and achieve lasting engagement.

For more info on HELP and C2 visit: www.healthcomplexity.net or www.healthempowermentgroup.org.uk

For bookings contact Heather Henry, Fellow, Healthy Places Healthy Lives (Trafford) by emailing Heather.Henry@nhs.net or calling 07941 790 670