Brexit: Graduating the European Union - Thursday 25th January 2018

Exploring how the word-leading industry will adopt to post-Brexit Landscape. 

The problem Brexit poses to the UK Higher Education sector is not dissimilar from the issues Brexit has created for other industries, in that the exact ramifications of leaving of leaving the European Union are not entirely clear. However, it is becoming evident that the changes to funding, tuition fees and freedom of movement will potentially have a negative impact on the UK's Higher Education Sectors and its status as a world-leader.

Changes to infrastructure, funding, international-intake, mobility and research are on the horizon now with the UK on the cliff-edge of leaving the European Union. With collaborations from some of the UK's leading higher education experts and Brexit strategists, this conference will analyse, strategies and find compromise amidst the most complex social, economic and political shift in British history. 

In contrast to the general tone of pessimism that’s has been set by Brexit, Graduating the European Union is setting out not just the consequences, but also the potential opportunities afforded to the UK's Higher Education system by leaving the European Union.
Open Forum Events has assembled a selection of industry experts to contribute insight, strategy and leadership in tackling the gigantic blue and yellow shadow looming over Britain’s Higher Education sector.

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