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Heritage Healthcare Trafford is a father and son business led by Mark Collier.

Mark set up the business following a successful career in commerce, reaching Regional Director level within a major UK PLC.

His driver was that he employed homecare agencies who looked after his mother who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease for 7 years. He saw first hand the poor standard of care on offer. He believed he had what was necessary to run a successful Homecare Business.

Mark tells us why and how he is different to other agencies

“I spent 6 months researching the Homecare market. What I noticed was that a lot of agencies mentioned on their websites that they offered “Quality Care” without substantiating it. I set out to try to be different. I knew that together with my son I could run a successful Business, we are strong on customer care, marketing and operations. My vision is to become the best Homecare Company in Trafford in the eyes of it’s Service Users and Staff within 5 years. I realised that our weakness lay in the knowledge of the care industry. To mitigate this I joined a Franchise called Heritage Healthcare based in Darlington whose 3 Directors / Shareholders have over 60 years experience in care. Their experience and caring nature appealed to me as well as the fact that they had achieved ISO 9001 in Care. I have also employed a Registered Care Manager with over 20 years experience in the industry.

We were awarded our Care Quality Commission Licence on 24th June of this year and we have got off to a good start. The few Service Users we have are delighted with our service. We do however need more good Carers who are in the sector for the right reasons, to grow with us. We have a vision and ethos which reads:-

1. We employ the best Carers. Our carers are ambassadors of our brand. We invest in our people, and in return we expect the highest standards from them.

This means that we pay our Carers the Living Wage, we provide ongoing externally certified training which we try to make fun. Our Carers are not just a commodity, they are valued by us. We want to keep our staff turnover levels down to 10% and less, the industry norm is 26%. After research I understand what demotivates Carers. We are looking at incentivisation thrugh performance and a core range of other benefits such as Employee Assistance Programmes and Cash Plans. We encourage our Carers to feedback about their training and make suggestions for improvements in the Business. They are listened to. When considering employing a Carer I ask myself would I let this carer look after my loved ones?

2. Our Service Users are at the centre of everything we do. We adopt a truly Person Centred approach to care. People should have confidence in us.

We have a web based app and we encourage all our Service Users and their Families to feedback comments about our Service whether good bad or indifferent. Our plans are not to censor any comments. This is a bold step but a much needed one in the sector I feel. It makes us different

3. We embrace change for the benefit of our Service Users, our staff and ourselves.

We are currently utilising technology to support our operations and client experiences  and are undertaking research around other upcoming technologies to give us the added edge


For more information, contact:

Mark Collier

Managing Director

Heritage Healthcare Trafford

Tel: 0161 711 0750




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