Peer Women’s Worker Vacancy


• To assist the outreach worker in the running of the group work activities and ensuring the service users/volunteers are supported.
• To assist at all the group work sessions with a main focus to:

Contract period

The contract period is on-going for a maximum of two and half years.

The role is for 10 hours a week at £3484 per annum. (3% inflation increase per year)

This post is open to women who define their heritage as South Asian. It is exempt under the following acts: Genuine Occupational Requirement in accordance with the Race Relations Act 1976 ( Amendment) Regulations 2003 ( Section 4A) and the sex Discrimination Act 1975 ( Amended) ( Section 7)


• Support volunteers to actively participate in the group work activities
• Support the recruitment process of volunteers
• Support the work of all the group work activities at the various locations
• Support the volunteers on a one to one basis with particular focus and support for women for whom English is not a first language

Skills, Abilities and Qualities:

• Strong connection to the work vulnerable BME women
• Demonstrates an ability to do the work of a mentor
• Good Observation Skills
• Demonstrate ability to be non-judgmental
• Good Interpersonal, relational and communication skills
• Display good listening skills
• Bilingual
• Ability to work as part of a team


• Ability to travel to the various locations where the group work activities are being held

Ability to utilize coaching methods which provide an environment that is participatory, supportive and provides constructive feedback on performance.

Deadline – 31st March 2014 – Interviews 03 April 2014

To apply for this position, please contact:

Telephone: 0161-945-4187