The Manchester Shelter - new social project in Trafford

The Manchester Shelter is a new social project that has opened in Trafford.

The shelter is managed by Threshold in partnership with the National Zakat Foundation (NZF) who also funds the project.  

The shelter  is set up to house five Muslim women requiring shelter with low to moderate support needs.

These could be women fleeing from domestic abuse, forced marriage and homelessness amongst other things, therefore dealing with some issues that you may have come across on a daily basis.

This is a short stay project for the women, until more permanent housing solutions are found.

Whilst the service is located in Trafford, it accepts referrals from all over the Greater Manchester area as well as the UK and rooms are available. Those being referred must be:

  • a single woman, self-defining as Muslim
  • over the age of 16
  • in need of the service of shelter
  • homeless or at risk of homelessness
  • in need of low to medium levels of support
  • willing to accept a package of support
  • willing to comply with terms of the licence agreements and house rules
  • willing to accept that the accommodation based service will normally be available for 12 weeks in which time we will aim to move the occupant  in to more suitable accommodation. This may increase depending on individual cases.

They should also have recourse to public funds, but there will be some exceptions to this. Where referrals are unsuccessful, there may be other avenues for support available from NZF. The project aims to build the confidence, skills, access to services and financial stability for customers to live independently.

If you wish to refer to the service, please email and ask for a referral form or send the completed form (referral form attached).  

Afia Kamal

Threshold Pathways to Independence

Part of New Charter Housing Trust Group

7 Glamorgan Place




T: 07984753647



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