Key Campaigner for RNIB (voluntary opportunities)

Key campaigner (England)

Make a big difference by taking small actions: campaign on national and local issues affecting blind and partially sighted people.

Did you realise that by writing a letter, sending an email or meeting a local politician you can change the world? By being a key campaigner with RNIB, you can make a big difference without even leaving your home.

This role does not require a DBS check

What will I be doing?

• You'll complete three or four Key Campaigner actions a year to support RNIB's national and local campaigns. You might: send emails, write letters, or contact key national or local politicians or service providers to demand better.

• From time to time, you'll be invited to get involved in local and regional meetings or events to demonstrate support for positive change on issues affecting blind and partially sighted people.

• You can let us know if something you come across needs challenging and help us and others to take action and change it.

What skills and qualities can I bring to this role?

• A positive and inspirational attitude with a 'can do' approach.

• The commitment to take three simple actions a year, none of which will take more than half an hour and none of which need anything more specialist than a computer or a pen!

• A desire to change things for the better for blind and partially sighted people.

• Basic IT skills and access to a computer would help, but certainly aren't essential.

When will I be needed?

To take the three key campaign actions, and help us change the world, the minimum requirement is only one or two hours per year! But if you'd like, there will be other things that you can get involved in. It will be up to you how much time to give, where and how.


Most of the actions can be taken from your own home, but we may also invite you to other activities and actions in your local area with occasional national events that we would love you to attend if possible e.g. a lobby of Parliament.

What will I gain from the role?

• The satisfaction of knowing that you're part of a growing team of people who work together to achieve lasting change.

• If involved locally, you'll meet new people and directly lobby and challenge service providers to do more.

• You'll learn some new skills and realise that, by taking a small action alongside others, you can make a difference.

What support will I be given?

• A Call to Action Campaign Briefing at least three times a year, with simple instructions and tips on how to complete your campaign action to take.

• Regular information about what campaigns are happening in your region and nationally, three times a year.

• Updates from RNIB about the result of the actions you take.

• More support and involvement in RNIB campaigning if you enjoy your Key Campaigner role.

Additional Information

Since 2010 we've amassed an impressive force of Key Campaigners across England; each willing to take action on issues ranging from securing better services for blind and partially sighted people, protecting the services we have, campaigning for accessible information, getting obstacles off the pavements and challenging government to improve its policy. We are committed to positive change and hope that you are too.

Contact Details

RNIB Volunteering

Telephone: 0845 603 0575 or 01733 375450


Application form attached

Our vision is of a world in which blind and partially sighted people enjoy the same rights, freedom, responsibilities and quality of life as people who are fully sighted.


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